Saturday, February 28, 2009

silly me

silly me.

careless ke silly or cuai? mane satu yg betul? ke semua tu same je.
ade ape2 komen?

ni sume kes pagi tad.bangun niat nk pegi library.everything were went fluently. pack the laptop. backpack full of books. then, walk ahead to the bus. half on the way. keep wondering. "apesal beg laptop ni mcm ringan?". and i "emm..xpelah".. few minutes then, "OMG.dem!!". bring the laptop, not the battery and plug.. that time, i was already half way to kangar. specifically to the library. keep wondering, whut shud i do? takkan nk balik hostel balik? quickly msg housemate. rembat plug from alin's laptop and thank God that, bying also nk pegi kangar. already at kangar at 10 a.m, few hours wait for the stuff start work at 11.30. uuh.. look.kinda waste lots of time. i guess. supposedly, i cud start my thesis early than that. aite? but, its already happen. i cudnt turn back or freeze the time. *wish i was HIRO NAKAMURA in girl version* commercial break :). wutever happen, thesis must goes on. :)

ok,look! again. silly me. i still got time to update the blog eventho the time is totally limited. got to at least finished one chapter today, cuz need to rush catch the bus today back to hostel. all the tuan-punye kereta went back to hometown. LOL. somehow, need to be independent rite? uh, i dun mind. seriously. sorry, this entri full of sayur-campur language. ok, malay plak. :P entri kali ni, tatau la. otak dalam ni mahu tulis melayu, tap di-sebabkan tgh buat thesis final year project yg dlm english. so, tangan menulis dalam 'english'..otak berkata 'melayu'. seriously. nampak mcm ade konflik antara otak dan anggota badan. ape nak jadi?
silly me.damnit.
notakaki: tgh buat chapter 3.methodology.aku nk buat cerita bohong psl fyp aku.baru dpt extra marks. wOot! *melompat gembira*


Benrauf said...

kesimpulannye dengar lagu bunkface - silly lily.

мyΞ'™ said...

silly lilly? emmm...

Benrauf said...

dont think too much. be kool. look at the bright side. there is always rainbow after the rain. okeh!

мyΞ'™ said...

yes.look at the bright sight..
thnx ben *ceh*