Friday, February 27, 2009

long-distance relationship


Entry title 'please don't cry'. i get it from my little sister, faraheen. thanks sis! not sure if you still remember those words that you gave me when in high school. i stil kept it till now. apesal, ttbe nk speaking ni? dem. ok, lets start all over again and ignore the intros. ok,entri tu mmg saje post selepas membelek diary tahun 2005. aku tulis balik dlm blog. meaningful kat aku bile aku tgh down in 'relationship' part. serious. if i'm down at other part, i never care it too much. i just let it all out and let it go. thats it. whenever comes to relationship, its complicated. seriously. its kinda need someone to talk about it and i relieve then. ive tried it once. that was last nite.

Just came to the right time, thanks to you. you know who you are. i'm just appreciate your thoughts. i'm okay now. ok, thats it. tak boleh lebih2. hehehe. back to the main, relationship. complicated especially long distance relationship. i admit last nite i was so depressed. 1.00 a.m called up my sister and talk about it. long distance relationship.

What is long distance relationship?
  • by means its a intimate relationship that takes place when partners are separated by considerable distance.

Challengers on long distance relationship

  • Communication can be more challenging due to reduced real-time feedback
  • Due to the distance the other partner's behavior cannot be monitored so a higher degree of trust and security may be required
  • Physical contact and sexual needs may not be satisfied regularly
  • The possibility that the partners become lonely, bored or grow apart
How to build trust in long-distance relationship?
  • Don’t neglect communication
  • Set down some ground rules
  • Express your feelings
  • Don’t make assumptions

above are some several things that i google about LDR *long-distance-relationship*.actually i got lots more.but, malas nk bce n bla bla..wuetver. the main is Long-distance relationship. anyone who have feel it, then u know it. really.ok, back to basic. malay.saje post entri psl relationship ni.lagi2 long distance relationship.mmg byk cabaran. dulu aku pnah tgk org who makes long distance relationship.last2 aku yg LDR. aku tak tau la. apesal, lately ni mcm2 aku dgn b-s-t. *budak songkok tinggi* always got something to came out and arguing. at the end,i'll cry like baby. sob..sob..sob.. seriously. i'm sick of it. babe, i just want an appreciation and consideration. i want give and take. damn tired think about it. whole day makes me restless. eventho when i'm eating lunch, i doesnt feel anything. seriously. i'm restless.everything that i wrote is meaningful.i swear to God, everything comes from the heart. sincerely. hope you understand.ok?
babe. i just miss you damn much.
Notakaki: actually byk lagi nk tulis.tap, nampak gaye dah kilat and guruh.buatnye ade short-circuit.habes laptop gua. rosak, sape nk ganti?


~Pengembara Sepi~ said...
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~Pengembara Sepi~ said...

aku first komen...hahahah..

huhu..ter uja membacanya..
gurl..aims cannot be reach without struggle...and..and ape ek..and LDR'long distance relationship..ntah pape la aku ni..maaf ye..bahasa ibunda pengembara sepi kurang memuaskan...

мyΞ'™ said...

siap edit la!

*ape kau bebel nni senarnye..