Friday, April 15, 2011

with the beautiful girls.

it was unplanned. as before, every monday was a hectic and stressfull day ever among the other day in a week. but, fortunately this monday 11th april it was a loving day and awesome. as for me, after dating on weekends and early morning he send me direct to the office. then, goes weekdays so-called training, memang superrrr awesome. walk around times square, a little shopping.. shoes and shirts.. the girls catch up a skirts and a few clothes. hey, it was heaven ever. then, after shopping n etc there goes our lunch. yummy.... its kinda bit hard to decide as need to consider halal as i'm muslim, but fortunately both of them is okay. last-last hui yi decide johnny's! yes. yummy and the most important is we r FULL. Alhamdulilah..

johnny's times square.
here we come

after few decision and tadaa. aik.ada telo 2 biji. tulen ke tidak? haha

fish ape tah and meat balls. layan aje. sbb dah lapa.

with karen tan!

with hui yi..

busy cooking kan? kan? heheh

waiting... (perut pun dah bunyi..)

stil waiting....

after the meal.

with the beautiful girlssss...

image courtesy from Karen Tan album. tq karen. not yet upload from my phone.

notakaki: may God bless us. Amin.

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