Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the pain

when the pain goes bad...

sambungan entri sebelum ni

bila sampai di Specialist dalam jam 4.00 ptg, terus berjumpe dgn Dr. tak ada appointment so, need to wait. Then, goes my consulation along my aunt also in the room. After checking and discussion, he decide to admit me to the ward. After submit letter, need to wait available room. As room is full, wedecide to go back home. Around 9.00 pm, got a phone call to come to Hosp and admit to my ward. My aunt, my cousin along with little wawa is waiting for me until the nurse came to do whatever they supposed to do. Meanwhile, mom, dad and sis surya is on the the way to my place. Masa awal ni, temperature body from 40.8 and reduce to 39.8, sikit je.. so, i am restless and just lay down. Sumpah tak larat. Badan terkulai. Around 10.30 pm, Nurse came in for finding the lineto water drip. Ok. Left hand, attempt 2 times but failed. So, proceed to right hand ( around my wrist) success but a little bit suffer.

right hand.

that night. my sis surya teman me whole night. Kesian. dah la tak prepare nak stay. Super cold in the ward. Every 5 hour, nurse came in to check temperature, BP and many more. On the next morning, I still in the after taking breakfast and meds, they call up for X-ray for my lungs. At this time, i feel so relieve as Doc came by at the evening inform that i dont need water drip but need to take lot of water by myself. After x-ray, i taking my bath and sangat la lega! rimas with my own smell. HAHA. so, just restless in the ward. At this time, i cough a lot and flu a lot and the scary thing is my sputnm ( kahak) and my hingus is bleeding. I ask Doc, he inform it because of my virus infection in my blood. I was diagnose as viral diseases, which virus attacking my blood and infection also in my lungs. My white blood cells counts is greater that red blood cell. As i have allergic, G6PD i am specific in meds. Suspect, the blood count and infection is due from my meds that take before this is wrongly given by Doc and the main cause of virus is through my tonsil is swelling super big. U know what, that i unable to eat anything other than porridge because of my tonsil.

dinner day ke berapa tah. porridge saja ok.

breakfast : oatmeal and bread with milo

my last lunch : with little twins

last day dinner : porridge

setiap hari masuk ubat antiobiotik ( sangat high conc) and antidot ( tak sure apa, untuk prevent cloth). bila masuk je, aku rs mcm nk menjerit..sebab super sakit.. itu guna line cucuk sebelah kanan. agak suffering beberapa hari. masuk hati ke 3, aku dah tak boleh tahan. nurse cakap kene buat line baru, sebelah kiri. meremang. kalau ikut, da berapa kali cucuk dengan cari line tak jumpe, dengan amik darah beberapa kali. memang suffering. so, at last line baru sebelah kiri.

line at left hand. last antibiotic masuk. Nurse cakap line ni perfect sbb blood yang kluar show that it perfect. lega. so, total up is 9 cucuk for both hand. suffering.and masa hari ke 2 ke ke 3, i have to undergo CT Scan, menakutkan. selalu tgk dalam HOUSE je. ni bila kene sendiri scary. tak sakit cuma trauma tgk bende alah tu pusing2 atas kepala. scan ni for check either i have sinus or not and Doc inform ada sinus but not serious. lepas beberapa kali antibiotics, scan and x-ray what is the result? How my infection going on?

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