Thursday, April 28, 2011

the cure

sambungan entri sebelum ni.

after a few days, my body temperature back to normal. BP pun normal. Doc came in to the ward and inform that i can be discharge. Sangat sangat happy! Eventho kene jugak last antibiotics at that evening kol 6.00pm, i was discharge at night . At this time, my BF just arrived from Muar with Faliq. Thank you love!

sebenarnya saya diagnose as Viral Disease. but this is more general. If more specific aku tak sure but confirm virus is infection in my blood and my lungs which makes White blood cells counts greater than red blood. Tak normal okay. And after a few meds and treatment, blood count back to normal. I was official normal and stable but still need a precaution especially if go out to public, need to wear mask. oookay! freak but i have to do for my health. aite? Plus, i cannot simply take any meds from anyone and need to have Doc prescription. I also have to stops taking jamu and whatsoever. Even vitamins and etc, i need to break for a while. And after settle up the bills, need to pay 242.50 and selebihnya by PMCARE and get my result and my meds, I ready to take off!!

in kat ward. masa ni dah bersemangat sikit. Alhamdulilah.

my ward.419. single room. Thats my mom!

this is the meds that need to take constantly. banyak siot.tak tgk dalam plastic lagi.T_T

setelah 3.5 days in Specialist Hosp Ampang Puteri, i am okay now and still Doc gives a week for rest. Mom da suh pegi keje, while boss said to rest a week and early May started working. ok. So, I decide to rest at home. Mom and dad went back to johore after I discharge, while my BF is waiting for me until the next day. Thank you sayang.


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