Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the sick

sakit itu penghapus dosa. ya, benar.

pecah rekod rasanya. harini cukup 2 minggu lebih aku off. off9 dari kerja. week yang pertama memang pegi training plus ada emergency need to go back to johore. then, comes the good news. i was officially permanent staff on that coming monday and i am soo happy that time. so, attend to HQ for briefing..Meanwhile at the evening, attend for training MLCN. ok. there goes the incident.

On Monday, 18th cuma rasa sakit perut yang melampau. Suspect masuk angin tak makan and been suffered since Sunday before. So, pegilah clinik panel dekat Annexe 2 and Doc gives ubat angin. Then, afterwards there goes the pain. Suddenly my body is total weak, my mind is out somewhere and my temperature is getting high. Eventho condition da agak teruk, but still bertahan sampai 5.30 pm. Call up my aunt to pick me up for clinic as I am so weak and restless. At clinic, just gives the same old meds and MC for the next day. After meal and takes my meds, i feel more suffered. My legs is numbs and i have serious headache which i cry every hours and minutes. I am unable to walk proper and body is total weak. Everytime i eat, i vomit it out. It happen that night and i barely cannot sleep. Every hour i woke up.

on Tuesday, as on MC. I rest at home. Morning feel the total pain. Im shivering like hell. Body and leg cramped. Eat in and everything is comes out and yes, I cry. I was soo like restless but still I hold myself until evening and my aunt say that my body is totally hot. At night, same things happen and i cannot sleep and i keep vomit like every hours and I am restless. Plus, headache makes me cry all day.

on Wednesday, I thot i will be okay but everything is wrong. I am restless, shivering and cry as my body temperature is getting high and my legs numb again. As no one at home, my aunt take advantages to come home after she settle up school canteen for student rest at 10.30 am, and arrived home around 11.30 am. She pick me up to Ustaz at Sri Gombak, but unfortunately it is closed and we both get back to Klinik Dr. Hj. Khadzali. ok, klinik ni is the best for me. He is good, understanding and nice. After a session with Dr, he suspect for dengue as my temperature is 39.8 and constant fever and so that i need to gives some blood for testing. Meanwhile, he give me other antibiotics and another 2 days of MC. At this time, my mommy and daddy is super worried so they came to KL from JB and arrived around 7.00 pm. As usual at night, im suffering to vomit, cannot sleep and body temperature is high. That night, mommy take a good care of me and also daddy keep watching me and worried about me.

on Thursday, as today on MC. I was feeling much better than before at 1st but suddenly my legs cramped and my temperature is kinda high which makes me restless. Letak kain atas kepala, 100 plus dah berapa botol but still not ok..A few hours then, I get sweating and feeling ok even went to AEON AU2 with daddy and mum for lunch and walk. OK. daddy and mum going back to Johor around 3.00 pm and saya sangat tak sedap hati sebab rasa badan still not OK but think it positively. At night, whatever i eat it cames out and legs cramped and not feeling very well.

my MCs.

my meds for 3 diff clinics, plus the only minyak Nonaroguy that i can use as i having blood allergic. G6PD. google okay!

on Friday, as advice from mummy I put my strength to work today and walk to Menara Maybank but still inside i feel the pain. At 1st, around 9.00 am, i am not feeling comfortable.. I already wearing 3 pcs and i wear up the jacket and pull the shawl around me as i am start to shivering bcz of coldness and my temperature is high. I cry. I called up the teams, and they adv me to go back home and went to check up again. I called up the Clinic, they inform its not dengue as my platlet count is normal and they req me to go back to see Dr. I ask favor from MBankers, but they all using train to work. So, RE Agro Bank is help me much. He pick me up and bring me to Clinic, and as Dr adv me to go Specialist. RE Agro is help me with faxing letter to PMCARE and waiting for them to fax back GL. So, he help me from A to Z. After settle up GL letter, he send me home. At home, i have no strength to do anything, i restless and end up with no lunch and i just lay down on bed shivering. I call up and text my aunt n cousin to go back early, as I needed to admit Specialist Hosp and they both shocked and I call daddy, sarah and Surya , they shocked.. when call up mummy, she cried.

What happen in the hospital?
What actually happen to me?

Next Entry.

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