Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hell tuesday

entri ni kalau boleh mencarut dengan perasaan bebas. memang penuh entri ni dengan kata-kata kesat. tapi, aku tidak begitu. ya, benar. cuma, hari ni the conclusion is like hell.

my tuesday is like hell. bukan salahkan takdir tapi ini ketentuan yang aku terima harini. everything seems not right.se-awal 5 pagi bangun, follow my aunt to school canteen. naik train tepat jam 6.00 pagi, memang waktu train start the operation. first time. sampai di KL sentral, kosong. terkiput-kiput cari news.com. hungry! grab a one or two bread n drinks. catch up bus to TTDI. so, arrive around 7.20 am. SO DAMN EARLY. i am soo exhausted. ok, next.

setiap pagi.run script.buat report. 9.58 am hantar.masuk conference call. nasib semua ada update.then, goes shoots from the bos. ok. masa tengah busy dgn report DSR. he shoot lots of things. yes yes. i am only ordinary human. i not able to do SO DAMN MANY things in one time. haish. plus, a few things went wrong disebabkan arahan si BOS and i am the one who to be blame because of his. i mean BOS lah! plus, one guy who req for help and i tried my best to catch a free time to help him but what the hell i get back is CURSE from him. yes, i am blur due to so many stuff need to be follow up. i admit but at least appreciate i already help you lah OKAYY. what a waste kan? sooo sad. plus, the partner seems not helping and i am the ONLY ONE who left as everyone else is busy breakfast and bla bla bla. at the end, NO LUNCH and only 1 slice of sandwich. HUNGRY okay! at the end, i cry. bukan nangis sebab rasa LOSER just rasa GERAM. aargh! wutever

then, goes training at the evening. bla bla bla. yes. i attend but not a fully focus as the training is super duper rare buat in daily life. yes, MBB bukan owner router. CSC managed. so, masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. bukan x take note, take note. cuma gitu-gitu je la. so, the result. the trainer email out that they dissappointed with evening session. so, what? senyum je la.

now, 7.29 pm. and still at the office. report pending since 1st April baru je selesai. sesi bercakap-cakap dgn bos selesai dan very lucky sebab our conversation is suam-suam kuku sebab muka aku da mcm belacan dgr dia bebel. pening.pening. kamon mai. just go with the flow. u need to ver survivor. tepat jam 8.00 pm, cukup hampir 12 jam aku kelaparan. Dayah dah menunggu muka macam anak kucing.

ok. cukup. dayah, jom makan!!!

tuesday, everything seems not right...but, who cares? I'm still survive. Alhamdulillah.

notakaki: nak tido.nak tido.

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