Friday, April 29, 2011

the thank you part 2

thank you part two

thank you goes to my BF, my sayang. sepanjang saya sakit, he is very worried. I know he having problem with the transportation, but die gagah jugak dgn his brother car. He came along from Muar with Faliq. Teman di Hospital. Walaupun kejap sebab he came at the time I discharge but I really appreciate and glad that you came sayang. That night, he take care of me and make sure i take my meds and have a good rest. The next morning, we take our breakfast together and get something for lunch and have a walk just to make my mind free as I was hospitalized and stay at home almost 2 weeks. So, I need fresh air. Thank you sayang. I love u so much.

Dear BF,
i love u so much.

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