Sunday, April 3, 2011

shokuro sedap

ekceli. tak ada niat nk tiru sapa-sapa. but co-incidently just got info that my cousin also doing and making chocs. as for now, she's not into biz due to super busy working but insya-Allah will do in future. here some few snaps after a night at her house in bangi. not sure the exact name, praline. chocs compound. oreo and etc but of course chocs are delicious!so, then, we called it as delicious-shokura. anyone interest can buzz tru Fb or twitter. shall do by customer request and then the price. insyaAllah will give the cheapest. :)

as masa tgh bakes some chocs, the kiddos Irfan, little twins jaja and wawa are tukang menjilat chocs dalam bekas. :) oh, senang je buat chocs ni.. just need a few tips, recipe and then must be RAJIN okay!

notakaki: testing.testing. masak kuah kari asam laksa tak lepas. ni nak buat chocolate. haih.

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