Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple yet Memorable

Simple yet memorable.

It was last minute planning. All the cupcakes, secret recipe, goodies and everything. Thankful. At last is was success. Boleh la. Bukan nak ramai-ramai pon yang datang, but everything is just simple and nice. Eventho at that time, i have so-called training until late evening, i'm manage to help out a few. Hihihi.

The birthday card a.k.a banner.

I'm not supposed to be in the picture. Btw, thanks k.ween!

The cupcakes. Treat from me to little twins.

Happy birthday Sayang!

Mak Ngah help out before cake become worst. Heee

The baby sitter. Ibu Yati and Elis.

Clockwise: Umi. Mama. Mak Ngah. Irfan. Wawa . Jaja

Elis and the twins.

Jaja and Wawa.

Notakaki: I love u both!

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