Friday, October 28, 2011


The third week of october, around 19 until 21st oct, I was surprise by one news which is i'm not sure it will be a good news or even worst. I just seriously shocked. As I have training at TMTC, I was told tru email by colleague. Would i smile or what? I seriously no feeling. I'm not sure if I need to sad or happy or what. After a few days from the news, until today 28th which is his last day I'm kinda feel sad somehow. Yes, eventhough he was very menyakitkan hati but he actually teach us a lot of thing. To be more independent and smart. A few things, he might spoiled like claim, leave and etc. but overall on job thingy, he is okay. on 25th, we have a lunch together. Me, Husna, Shafinaz, Ieda Bumelo, Zuhara and Suzie. After randomnly pick up, we end up eat until full at Pizza Hut Taman Tun. A talk talk between us and eat. Thanks Devin.

K.zu seems busy with the sauce and cute Ieda Bumelo

Ex-team, K.pinat and still K.Husna. *candid*

RE HLB, K.suzie and Ex-Boss Devin.

Thanks Devin for the treat.


Sorry and Thanks for Everything!
Good Luck in ur future at GP!

Notakaki: tanak bagi ucapan yang panjang. barang yang lepas jangan dikenang. Anggap itu semuanya satu pengajaran.

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