Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Just now, we like having a few conflicts and drama. Yell in the phone, cries and everything that related to sadness, anger and dunno-what-to-say. Maybe he too hush to counter back everything and might be from my mistake as well. He already warn me like a million times, but I keep doing the mistake. Is it a mistake? Yes, It was a huge mistake for meeting someone that not supposed to be. Yes. Admit, it was my mistake. Hurm, Berdoa sangat that one day aku akan lupakan semua yang dah berlaku and just proceed with the future life. InsyaAllah and I hope everything will be okay and fine after this. Harap semua yang sudah berlaku menjadi satu pengajaran untuk aku dan petunjuk di masa hadapan agar lebiih berhati-hati. I really want to forget everything and just go on with my life. I will focus on my life, my career, my friends, my family, and my love.

notakaki: no matter what happens, he still and will be forever my other half. InsyaAllah.

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