Saturday, October 16, 2010

happy birthday spicy sambal & extravaganza

the extravaganza
little jaja. masa ni dia demam, but still gagah berjalan pegi domino's and Secret Recipe.Jaja the 1st yang able to speak a few words clearly. the 1st word is of course mama and babah. then, goes to mi --> umi and mami. then, others is AYAM. that one is soo clear. but, now..dia da boleh imitate our conversation and answer everything we ask. she's the one who dance when hear the hip hop and very catchy song. becoming dancer ni. :P

the spicy sambal
little wawa.she's so very the hot sambal. the one yg yang sangat panjang with her own words which that we all never understand. wawa is the adik, sangat mengalah with her jaja. wawa still able to imitate of our conversation but will repeat back dgn word yang superb pelik. she different with jaja when saw chicken, jaja will say AYAM, but this girl wawa will say KOKOK.KOKOK. you the sound of chicken right? lebih kurang la. cute kan?if jaja love catchy song, this wawa love to sing when hear the slow and R& B song. awesome.

najiha and najwa.
happy birthday 2 years old baby!
semoga cepat membesar, pandai dan cantik!!

p/s: 10.10.10- happy birthday my mother. :)

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ZoOLhEaLmE said...

so cute lah your niece ni ...
hp bestday twins ..

dah 2thn ea?