Friday, April 17, 2009

hope it gives you hell

(credit to SOS photography -deviantart)

seriously.i'm EMO. i used to let the anger conquer by throw up some stuff, slammed up the door like hell, shout out loud to ppl who mess with me, curse like f%%*& and there's so many stuff i'll do. yes, i used to be that kind person who actually doing something stupid when i'm soo emo. yes, that is the fact of the past but now, it is not anymore. seriously. believe it or not. i'll speechless. all the anger and emo feeling i'll kept in myself and the bestest thing to let the anger is just by crying. yes, CRYING. at last i'm acting like a girl.

have you experience of ppl that who doing stuff or finished work at the veryyyy last minute. its doesnt matter if it is the last minute you'll do its only going to ruined your own life, not someone else and not involve anyone else. but, this case is probably ruined and spoiled someone else and someone is ME!!! yes, its me.

Gosh. the exam schedule has been on portal since last month and the due date for any changes if papers clash are last month! last month dude!! seriously. how could you just check the exam schedule in study week or specifically YESTERDAY and by your own, you can change the exam schedule at your own decision cuz the paper clash at the time when we only got 5 days to final exam.! HUARGH! thought that it will be happier when the exam is delay, huh? don't think all classmates will love it since got plenty of time to study. yes, MAJOR of it will be happy. but, that is NOT me, ok? im soo planning everything for the past 3 months that exam will be over early like it supposed to be. then, suddenly on exam week you guys can change the exam schedule just because you guys JUST REALIZE that your paper taken are clash YESTERDAY!

yes, i am so EMO when it is announce, i was totally surprise and guessing that i'm the only one who will be pissed off and else will be happy. YEAY! <-damn! even the acquantainces also never feel sympathize. i never heard they say "oh, rileks la mye..bleh study lame sket? " i guess. its kinda make me DOWN actually. sorry if not. really? seriously, i'm speechless. you guys RUINED and SPOILED everything. yes, you guys deserve it and admit it your fault.
after all, i'll hve to take as true and the reality that all the plan will NEVER happen. THANKS a lot!
i accept you two apologetic.where's the other two? it doesnt count anymore as this is the final semester and i'll never experience it anymore. i hope!
Sorry and thousand apology for being such an EMO.<-this is what i am.

p/s: listen to all american rejects - gives you hell.

mye :d


yati said...

ish.. mmg bikin org panas neh..
maybe ble nk abes neh, mcm2 bnde bole jd kn.. saba la eh.. sket je lg..btw, im done wif my FYP thingy =)

мyΞ'™ said...

yati :
for sure bikin panas!
mcm2 hal bile nk abes ni.
ouh, done with fyp??
haiyoo, u making me jeles!!

pening study JDM. ishk..

myatiqah said...

kite merancang tuhan menentukan...ecehh..
sabor jelaaa...
prngai org mcm2...
yg penting kau berani suarakn dpn mereka...yeayyhh (flex)

Monkey D Luffy said...

emo emo cepat tua tau ;p

мyΞ'™ said...

tiqah: (flex)? sempat lagi..
emm.yes..kta merancang, Tuhan menentukan..

monley d luffy: jarang ok aku nk emo betul2 cmni..HOHOHO.

my name is Ain said...

lek lek..

huhu..28 n 29 are working days rite?
aku kije la kalo nk kuar mlm agak susah sket la..kena tnye aunt aku dlu..n aku xdek transport sndri..


zlhlm said...

as i said - EMO

мyΞ'™ said...

zhm: hosh!

Si_KuduS™ said...

wow.... finally.... last sem... last sem I just realized u r a GURL....!!!!! hahahahaha.... gonna make another EMO situation where u can finally become a pure women.... ihik2

мyΞ'™ said...

si_kudus: xyah la cmtu skali..
haisssh..just express the emo-girl way.. ouh? emm...