Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy birthday!

happy birthday
1 April 2009
(April Fool's day)


It's all start when u're still 19


and you're twenty-o


now you're twenty-one


harry dear,

i look at life differently because i have you by my side.

When something good happen,

part of my joy is the pleasure of sharing it with you.

When i face problems or difficulties,

they don't bother me nearly as much because i hve you to lean on.

I enjoy doing everyday things with you because

they bring memories of happy times we've shraed before.

And I'm always glad to try something new because it gives us

new experiences that make us feel even closer.

Whatever we do and whatever happens,

every single moment means more because we live it together.


"I'm scared to death to live and not have you to hold"


Happy Birthday!


mye :)


wanirani said...

suwit~~ hehe~

ps:aku link blog ko kat blog aku ey

Monkey D Luffy said...

dia sungguh hensem...

ahhhh.... baru aku nak jadikan ko bini no 4... CANCEL! ;P

мyΞ'™ said...

wanirani: sure!!!

monkey d luffy: no 4??!!! how dare u!!! dem!!

my name is Ain said...

sila amek award kt blog gue..
erm..nk tnye.. harry dak BP kan?
kat ne kmpg die? haha..

мyΞ'™ said...

my name is ain: die semerah, BP.
thnx for the award!!

my name is Ain said...

ooo, semerah..
jauh gak ngan kmpg aku..

мyΞ'™ said...

ko BP kt ne?