Wednesday, November 12, 2008

dasar tak sedar diri

dasar tak sedar diri nak exam tapi,

  1. bleh still on9 and chatting :)
  2. still bleh berangan2 nk kawin..(teruk btul..)
  3. buku pon tak bukak..camne nk dpt dean list ni..haish. (tipu aa.. )
  4. asek nk cintan-cintun je..
  5. asek pk nk balik umah je (homesick..isk.isk)
  6. tgk gmba n video yg x snonoh (ni sume yantea n alin punye keje supplied 18sx) camne ilmu nk masuk pale otak?? heish..

if all of above still continue sampai on the day nk exam, mmg confirm tak leh jawab. Then, mummy n ayah .. aa especially mummy la will totally furious at me. Seriously, the reason i have to score in all my subject sbb ;

  • Allah s.w.t. Thank to God that create me perfectly physically. Sempurna dlm konteks of fizikal, mental dan jasmani. With all of his gift, i need to make us practically and appreciate it.
  • My parents gave me wutever i want to with no doubt cz they trust me. So, i need to impressed them with my result eventho takdelah excell sgt..but, dulu2 im so stupid. agaklah.
  • Myself. I need to be something useful i mean org yg berguna.emmh. Actually, its not about finding myself, but its about creating myself to be 'someone'.
  • My future. Tittle 'engineer' was my inspiration. So, to become one for sure kne score. Am i rite? :)

Wutever the reason is, everyone nak excellent in their study rite? So, no one yg tak nak tak excellent in studies unless die mmg bengap/sangap nk kawin/pemalas/mmg xsuke blaja/etc..

Somehow, this is my first blog. I use to blogging at my friendster's blog since 2005. I love blogging until i have fight with my bestfriend bcoz my own blog. So, ihve to stop blogging but now, i continued my blogging. Why?? Naturally, I love writting, blogs, diaries, journal and even in my cell phone i write everything that came out my mind about life and everything. So, blogging is the best thing in me..

Till then,

mye :)

p/s: seriously, kekok gile buat blog after whole 3 years x buat blog..sorry for 'sayur-campur' language. hehe

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