Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tat Nasi Ayam

24 Ramadhan 1433H

Supposedly on Tuesday, but they just reschedule due to most of them is working in shift. So, I'm okay je.
Location? Tat Nasi Ayam, Sri Rampai. Nearest Wahab Cendol ( Quite Famous). However before we went there, we pleasuring ourself at Bazar Ramadhan Wangsa Maju. Bought some cream puff, Takoyaki<--my all time favourite! Hii. Then, we move to the restaurant. Already reserved. So, its okay. Managed to get the table la kan. Around 6.45pm, people are start filling all the tables. Memang dapat sambutan la kan? 

Order? Nasi ayam special. Apa yang special? Just an extra rice. Dayah order Nasi Itik. Yummy. Drink? Mostly juices.

Activity?  Just talking. After meal, we stop by at Bazar nearest. They buy dresses, shirt and etc. Ok la. Murah dan lawa. Me? None. Pokai. HAHAHA

Me. Kepenatan.

Food and drinks. Yummy.

Zahrah. Juni.Dayah. Me.
Semuanya TM.

p/s: Alhamdulillah.

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