Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Murah Rezeki

Location : Seoul Garden, Plaza Kerinchi
Date : 16th Mei 2012

Murah Rezeki.

SE's yang belanja. Makan-makan. Appreciation Meal. Bos SE Azmi, Izanie and Orang kuat Abg Jo. WPR K.Fatimah and K.Marina. Ent 1 Me, K.Una and Ex-Supporters, Shafinaz. Yang tak datang, Zahari (DTE) and My Boss Ikhwan sbb kene replace Gan for meeting. urgent katanya. Biar la. HOHO.Arriving from Taman Tun around 1.00 pm, take all the things and eat.. and eat..finished around 2.00. En.Azmi give some speech which actually all this makan-makan is for appreciate Maybank support team ( SE, CSOC>WPR>DTE>Ent1 ) .

*SE: Service Engineer *CSOC: Customer Service Operation Center
*DTE : Data Technical Expert * Ent 1 : Enterprise 1 ( Manage Mostly Banking Customer)

coutersy Pic : From Camera Izanie  and Myself.

p/s: Burp.


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