Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open House

First and foremost. I know its kinda late to wish an official Hari Raya. Cewah. Macam VIP. So? Ngeee. Just a pic snap by my BF at Melaka and little bit edit here and there.. and goes like this. Ok x? Gedik ke? HAHA. wutever la. So, To All Muslim.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Ok. Tipikal things related with Hari Raya is Open House. Yes, Open House. On Sept 10, one of my colleague organize an open house. Feels great!!! As i am the one and only that is very rare to meet the other colleaguessss..yes, like seriously! Ok OK. I'm staying alone at the customer site la. That's the reason! :)

Ucapan Hari Raya dari penaja. kah kah kah. oh, thanks to BF for the pics. Lovely! :)

Now, back to the pictures on Mrs Junaidah Open House.
Location : Taman Sri Sementa, Jalan Kapar, Klang.
Date : 10 Sept 2011

Peace : Thanks to Karen Tan! :) Yeah, I'm wearing black! Thanks to Bandung for the lovely baju.

My team, Kak Husna.

Floater.Expert Team. Karen Tan.

My partner since July 2009, Farhana. Otai FSI and Energy.

Heeee, peace in K.June kitchen. Banyak tau Kak June masak. Nyum. Nyum.

Still at Kak June kitchen. Cute sangat fridge magnet :)

With Nurin Batrisyia Zulkifli. My abang little princess.

Mr.Zulkifli with his princess, Nurin! *EH, look at the back. That's me! :)

Hot!! Shafinaz.Hana.Karen. Me.

Sukriyyah * becoming bride* . Me. Husna. Shafinaz. K.Pinat's friend. K.Husna little sister.

Yay. Ijad's Charlie Angel.
Ijad.Abg Zul.Halim. Ieda.
Karen.Huiyi. Na Ellah.

Pian.Ijad.Halim.Kak June and Alia. Ok, yang nampak sipi2 tu is Fadli.
Karen.Ieda.Na Ellah * the Red baju kurung. Husna. Mye. Hui yi.Shafinaz. Hafiz.

Thanks to K.June for the lovely food. Satay. Nasi.Laksa.Ayam.Tembikai. Delicious! To all officemate, Enterprise 1. Plaza Vads, Level 7. Thanks! Its nice to meet you guys which better through phone, email and Fb! yes. seriously! I feels great! Thankssss! The important things is, i meet someone that is totally rare. You know who you are. Thanks for being nice. I appreciate it much! :)

Nota Kaki : I need a miracle.

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