Friday, September 30, 2011

Kejap pun tak apa!

Salam Hari Jumaat semua.

Alhamdulillah. Gagah dan selamat hingga ke penghulu segala hari. Jumaat.Yes! This week is very thankful. It was a hectic week, like seriously. Hari-hari super duper banyak kes and issue. I'm pushing toooo harsh and now today i am totally weak. But! i still want to post an entry. Just one. Still on syawal mode, but it almost ended. Yes. Selamat Tinggal Syawal. Ok. back to story. I text budak chantek, lengluiii... Hui Yi as she got training like near my office. Not so dekat, but boleh laaaa. I promise to have a lunch with her. It supposed to be on Tuesday but delay on wednesday. And there goes wednesday afternoon. I rush for a lunch like 12.30 and arrive at 1.00 pm. Eat at Semua House Foodcourt and chit chatting here and there. Also attend the training is Na Ellah, Kak Sha, and Global Team As and Mek Yah. There's nothing precious than meeting a friend. As kadang-kadang bosan jugak duduk kt office, bukan tak close dgn customer. but, we have limitation. Not we, but i think only them. I am so okay. Ada a few yg I'm closed with but macam tu je la. boring kan hidup. Nak gossip, need to email and tweet. Or phone call. Hurm.. Whatever it is life must goes on kan? But, kept thinking sampai bila la jadi Resident Engineer ni...Let the God decide.


As and Mek Yah. Borak tak hingat nk pandang camera.

With newlybride, Kak Sha. This week reception at the Guy side, Mersing. InsyaAllah saya datang.

notakaki: dapat jumpe kejap pun tak apa. alhamdulillah.

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