Monday, April 5, 2010

Entri tertunda : 23 Mac : Cry

nangis lagi.nangis la puas-puas.luahkan segalanya.

ppl might say cry means weak.but, the fact is cry is satisfaction. of wut we've been keep in heart and mind too long, but it depends on subject.seriously.

like was not supposed to cry in front of him but i just cant hold the feeling. the EMO feeling. the anger. fine, they are TOP and im newbie. OK. thats the fact. They never done of wut we done. All the TOP just know how to analyse and bla bla bla. did they know how to coordinate it?? dem.seriously.i'm mad but i know there's a limit. OK. Imagine-lah that there's more than 30 task in day and need to complete within 4 hour. do u think its possible? Fine.. kalau kau rasa aku ni loser sgt, buat lah 20 task tu in only 4 hours..nk tanye org sane-sini. ingat robot ke? dem. bende tu boleh settle tapi takes time. pikirlah!!! bengang gila.

Im just too mad.Terlalu marah dan geram dgn orang atasan yang terlalu pandai sehingga tak tahu erti perikemanusiaan itu ape. pandai tapi bodoh. pikir-pikirkan lah. jangan jadi terlalu pandai, sebab korang akan bodo juga. ingat tu.

p/s: teringat kt pasar malam. lawa tapi bodo. nak amik makanan yong tau fu pon tatau. if tatau tu, dont show it. padehal boleh je perhatikan orang amik cmne, then follow la..lawa, lawa sgt tapi bodoh. dem.

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