Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trip part 3

Day 2 and 1/2 Day 3

We still on day 2 at Sabah. After clean up and get our pray at State Mosque, we move and have a evening hang out at Signal Hill. Look nice from up here. Then, we are super starving. So we get our dinner at Tanjung Lipat, Likas KK. Nyum Nyum.

Signal Hill, KK

TLC , Likas


After we finished our dinner, we move with 2 cars (4wD and Viva) heading to Kundasang. Top Hill. Supposedly K.Erma follow us, but she unable to get leave so we let the others is guiding us. We move around 9 or 10 pm, and arrived around 12 to 1 am. So, we heading to TM Resort for a night and get a sleep. Here is cold and im freezing like hell. Wayyy too cold more than at Genting.

We spend our night at TM Resort Kundasang.Soo cheap! Ya lah, staff TM :)

Eh, we already move to Day 3. Our Last day! SOoo sad.

Morning of Day 3, our tourist guiders drive us Heading to Poring Hot Springs. Its 18 km far away from the place we stay and about 20 minutes to arrived.

Poring Hot Spring, Kundasang

Macam jungle tracking tau tak. Fuh!!

Sessi merendam kaki and FISH SPA for FREE. :)

We cool down or feet in hot water :)

Seriously, at this point we are already exhausted, starving and everything but it was as great experience.

p/s: Geli nak mampus masa fish spa. bukan anak ikan. ini bapak ikan.

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