Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trip part 2

Day 2 : Island babe!!

Day 2 : We off to Island. we choose pakej of 2 Island. Mamutik and Manukan.
As we have voucher from Hotel, we get cheap price la. :)

Off with boat.

Way to Mamutik Island.


i love the beach!

Then, we move to Manukan Island. Here we spend more time longer than Mamutik Island.

Ok. Let the picture talks.


yay! mandi! Eventho, i'm not planning to get myself wet but i cant stand the feeling. HAHA. so, i just ran to the beach and YAY! :)

Ready to take off from Island and going back to KK.

Safely arrived Jesselton Jetty.

p/s: Day two with sunburn faces. oh NO!

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