Friday, December 9, 2011

Trip Part 4

Still on Day 3 : After we rest out at Poring Hot Spring, we move to Kinabalu Park. There's nothing much there, as we didnt plan for climb up Gunung Kinabalu. So we take a round there and get some strawberry ice-cream. Yummy!

Pondok Timpohon : Entrance to those who want to climb up Mount Kinabalu.

Pasar Kundasang. Sell fresh flower and goods.

After that, we move to Town for buy some pearl, brooch and local foods. Kuih cincin and etc.

Back in the airport already, our flight delay about half and hour and we safely arrived KL around midnight. Arrived home around 3 am and take a GOOD sleep because the next morning I have to travel to Malacca. Weee

As Raya Haji and I seriously no plan to take a bus to going back my village but I have to face it. Arrived at TBS around 9.00 am and I get my ticket at 11.15 am. Darn. Exhausted.

p/s: Back to back travel. Tired but interesting!

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