Monday, November 1, 2010

when happiness is just temporary....

when happiness is just temporary..then, goes my feet turn blue..

its true when ppl say, jgn seronok sangat kang ade la bende suwey jadi.YA!!!

weekends aritu mmg bahagia je.jumaat malam, free dinner TGI Friday and movie. mmg bahagia. lagi-lagi bila ada orang belanja. birthday claim actually. worth it la kan. he just like my secret admirer ( gila perasan x? but betul weyh! haha) TGI Friday ni pon dr FB, sbb die tau all the update from FB. Thats y, end up dinner at here. sweet kan. gentleman and best sgt ok!. no controversy ok? he just a friend who is too nice. weekh. then, goes saturday. i'm out with a friend. friend kah? scandal? nah!. it just an infatuation or confirm its not a love! yes. he just too good and all the compliments, so sweet of u. bahagia. walk and talk. movie marathon. awesome. i just feel the happiness. A few ppl keep saying bad things about him ok ,most of it..i just think that he just being honest and not a pretender. die ok la. :) i like! ok, dasar flirty yang membuatkan aku happy. tak salah kan kalau happy? happy ke menggedik ke? wutever la. i just love it! .on saturday night, just rest at home and keep smile on bed thinking back what had happen past 2 days.dream on baby!

sunday is the day.lazy bum. mmg superb malas. bangun pagi,just kemas bilik and continue snorring back.petang, just continue with online training and melepak dan merayau-rayau dari living room ke dapur. bosan but i just dont know why i was that happy by doing those silly things. haish! then, bila petang.. play around with the babies. ok, kemuncak.

those twins main belon.i'm just join and make them laugh. bila start belon tu ditendang-tendang, maka the aunty also tendang. but, unfortunately tertendang or tersepak dinding. bila kena, terus terduduk dan masuk bilik and menjerit nak gila.ok, sakit. tapi, jeritan diselang-seli dgn ketawa. sbb, OH DEM! stupid me! silly me! how come boleh tendang dinding. but when the time, im suffer on bed holding the feet. the babies keep around me saying "mii, atit..duuhh "means, mami, sakit..aduh.. haha. there goes the scenery smpai tengah malam.. looking back the feet, sudah kembang mcam belon. get some ice and put it on and afterwhile terus tido. when wake up in the morning, there goes big scream!! OMG! its turning blue!!!!

my feet just turn

still working today, ignore the feet and just concentrate on work smpai macam nauseous gila sbb the feet keep on disturbing me. denyut-denyut and blue thingy. haish.ade possibility tak nk retak? entah. need to check with docs tmorow.

moral of the story: behave when u play with kids. dont act like kids when u r already an adult. WTF!!

p/s: he call me mye baby. ( alasan, sbb mcm baby.main belon..) LOL

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Benrauf 2.0 said...

temporary like Shakespere's summer day? :)