Sunday, February 14, 2010

kerjaya sekarang

level 7
plaza vads
taman tun dr ismail

menghadap desktop ni setiap hari.

sepatutnye tmpat-aku bukan kt sini.tapi, sebab tuan punye desktop pegi holiday sminggu balik kampung, mengalahkan org da kawin. balik mcm ade bini kt sane. eh, jgn marah ek akey :) stay kt sini sebulan. menumpang kt desktop akey. so, bleh la buat kerja, observe and still need SIFU k.zu to coordinate me.blaja dgn k.zu yang sgt hebat. serious. die superb cool as she's very experience with this field. i'm still in the process of learning. division skang, lain dgn division lame. so, kene start new. mind kene reset. So, here i am. learn new things and totally different with my engineering field. best! dealing with customer, telnet and etc.

1st March, i'll stay to a new place. which, easier to go but the hardest work ever. i'l stay with customer. banking. wil stay together with IT dept at Maybank, Jln Pudu. Tsk.scary. serious. plus ppl keep saying that, "OMG, jadi RE ke? tough weyh" yes.its tough. need to deal with customer face to face. gosh. i choose this and i've to face matter what. kan? ini semua satu cabaran dan dugaan dlm hidup. eventho i know its tough, i'm very thankful sbb when i choose this, i've gain and learn LOTS of things! superb banyak! lots of knowledge! totally happy. ilmu mane boleh beli kan? so, bile org ajar..thats precious!

still ade 2 mgu lagi before stay kt sane. so, sgt rush buat keje, coordinate all the problems and dari situ dpt blaja to solve banyak problem. lagi-lagi major problem. kene cepat dan pantas. kadang-kadang, kelam kabut. step salah-salah. tapi, thats learning. bile satu prob solve, sgt satisfied. bile da satisfied, i'm soo relieved. ok.enuff with the work. here, nk aplogize to friends yang keep text mase tgh kerja, friends yg forward email and lots more. im so sorry tak reply balik. life skang sgt busy. ade mase i'll reply, ok? to budak songkok tinggi, sorry la kalau tak reply or call and etc. sorry! bile baru keje, kene commited and passion dgn kerja. baru-lah kerja siap efficiently. cet. but, seriously. bila dah stable with career, i'll try to balance it with social life. as my sister keep saying that "sis, when u too workaholic.. u'll be, organize everything".. thats it! i will! thats my promise..

p/s: i still love you guys!


ZoOLhEaLmE said...

bos kau tau br tau

мyΞ'™ said...

eleh..zul...lek sudeyh!