Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tag from Elya

25 fact about me

sometimes when talking about facts, ppl might say "oooh, ive lots of facts about me", but when it comes to list them down, they like errrr.. so, thats me! when it comes talking about myself, i just don't know. seriously. but, this time. i'll try my best. here it goes~

1-i'm addicted to ESTRANGED!
2-i enjoy doing art, especially when it comes to abstract art~ everything that comes into mind, i'll sketch it.
3-i love my kipasSUSAHmati. yes, im the one who always tak pegi any reunion or gathering. but, seriously inside i just love them soo much.
4-i have a boyfriend which is my very bestfriend. *luv*
5-i've just completed my training and continued doing my apprenticeship at Telekom, KL.
6- hang out with friends is one of the things that i enjoy so much!
7-eating roti pisang with my bestfriend, panda bear is my favourite thing to do. :P
8-i can stand in front of the laptop than eating very delicious food in front of me.seriously. i like surfing internet!
9-if a place have pool, i can stay in the pool all day! i just love it~
10-i have lots of diary! since secondary school till now, i write everything in my dairy! it will become my memory~
11-i'm the youngest and weirdo in the family. have two sister which we have the same front name.
12-i miss my pillow talk members. seriously~
13-when it comes to something important, i usually get the task alone to completed it than being with my friends. seriously.
14-i am emotional person but when it comes to work. i try my best to avoid it.
15-i am easy to fall with someone. be careful~ however, i prefer to have a 'teman tapi mesra'. HAHA :)
16- i kept everything myself but when i just cannot hold it, i'll talk to my bestfriend or write it on my diary.
17-i love green, black and brown. :)
18-they say my body shape looks like fara fauzana. ye ke? drumstick? gosh!
19-i'm on my diet. avoiding rice , meat, chicken and egg. <--are you sure?? gosh!
20-i am very organize ppl, i hate being in the messy place. Headache!
21-when it comes to new friends, i will get very silent and shy. i'm not easy to make friends at the first place.
22-i just lost my favourite cousin last friday because of an tragic accident. i really miss him badly!
23-till now, at the age of 23 i still dun have any license! HAHAH :)
24-i want camera DSLR badly as i love taking pictures!
25- i want to get married before 2011. HAHAHAHA :)

Thanx to elya!
Anyone who read this! your turn!!


*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

bgos2!! megikut arahan!
jom nnt mkn roti pisang sama2
me like it too :P

мyΞ'™ said...

elya..mari roti pisang!! hahaha