Monday, September 24, 2012

You become part of me

As i look at my phone
All my whatsApp chatting
I look back at the bracelet
I just don't believe
That we already become a something
One step closer
That we both dream of about 5 years back then...
It just feel good.

The time we spent together 
I know very often.
Could count
Long distance rite?
Only precious time we get
Plan or unplanned
It left print on my heart and soul
I feel your presence deep inside
When our distance take it toll.

You've become a part of me
In so much I do
I can't imagine who'd I be
If I had not meet you
Your Faith in me has sprouted wings
It just keep grow
You've made me special
In your way
Silent way
Mysterious Way

Your support has meant so much to me
Its the rock on which I lean
When the world becomes a frightful place
You make me peaceful and serene
O Allah, I'm so thankful

You’ve shared your words of wisdom
All the motivation
All the words and advice
As we both getting to depth more in Islam
And all that you hold dear
You’ve helped to light my darkened path
When the sun would not appear

Its the little things that you gave me
Very little but wonderful
That i will always treasure
All the memories
Will never fade
Till death do us apart.

p/s: InsyaAllah.Amin.

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