Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sister in KL.

She's here for a Seminar in hotels area KL. Istana and Concorde KL. What a joy.
After three day, then I could make a time to meet her. Heading to KLCC and straight to Candylicious. Our fave place to buy souveniers. Its chocolatess and candy! Nyummy. Having dinner in Secret Recipe and straight back home and get a nice sleep. Friday morning, off to work super duper early. Arrived around 7.00 and take our breakfast 1st at near stall. There goes, morning walk from Concorde KL to Menara Maybank. Wahh. 

 From Menara Maybank, heading to her place.

Walk. Walk

Meet her at last!

 stuck in Jammed. In front of KLCC. really headache!!

 Hershey's. Buy one free one. 

Really exhausted.


Tom Yum Kung.

 Spaghetti oglio ( Not sure on the exact name. HAHA)

Friday. Rush back to her place again. Walk like 25 minutes. Hey, its quite far. Menara Maybank. Pass by Agrobank Office, Weld, Hap Seng Star, Menara Taipan, Shangri-la Hotel and there goes her place. very penat u know. Heading to TBS, to pick up Mak and Ayah. Yippies.

Me and Surya.
Love u sister.

P/s: Syukur. 

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