Monday, February 20, 2012


another things came in


bukan merungut.cuma pasrah dengan ketentuan Tuhan.

ya Allah.

berikanlah aku kekuatan.

minggu lepas.

family from johore came to KL.purpose to vist my was super duper exhausted on Saturday.Goes to Sunday,Pak Ngah and Selayang team came to visit.and i have a quarrell with my brother. there's some misunderstanding happen between us. Yes, my fault because i am super blur and blank. Sorry Bro.Hurm

On Sunday night, rx a news.. My cousin's niece pass away. Rush back to Pulau Pinang and I need to wake up super early and help out my aunt and cousin at the Canteen.Take care of the twins. Help out a bit. Take care also the little baby Rayyan. Super Massive exhausted. Seriously. For all this things happen, i also had my 1st day of menstrual and super duper period pain. Cried like hell and been in out restroom and surau at my office. Quite embarrasing because the manager of Service Team is sitting beside me. Watching me cried and etc. Oh!! Like who cares. Im suffered after lunch and resting since 2.30 until 4.30. I decide to get back home early. Hurm.

They say it was not good to take panadol or paracetamol pills during menstrual or period pain. As i'm still single and not married, it is important to take care more on the sistem peranakan area. which include on hygiene and etc. If frequently taking panadol, we might get endometriosis. Which likely difficult to get pregnant. Oh! Enough la...

p/s: sedang mencari kekuatan untuk kembali bangkit bersemangat.

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Zuzus said...

meh nak mem'mumbler...kdg2 cabaran tu menginspirasikan kepada kejayaan/kebahagian...percaya setiap kejadian mmg ada hikmahnya...TC girl..