Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it was not right

merenung masa depan

It was not right

Everything is not right. I dont know why. Is it all my past mistake and sins been haunted me back again. ya Allah. It was total regrets ever. I makes mistake and its huge. I spoiled up myself and a few ppl that i love. For the past, i seriously dont have any idea what happen or is it about NAFSU? Is it? I just dont want the memories to be told and discuss. I am total delete it.Seriously.

Semua manusia atas muka bumi ini melakukan kesilapan. Tiada manusia sempurna.

I'm Still looking for the bright side. Searching for goods and beneficial thingy. Trying hard to give all the best to others but they still judge me wrongly. Instead of being nice to ppl, they say i'm GEDIX. Am i? I'm just being nice in work, being profesional on job career. Being a leader really challenge me. When being nice, get scold. Being to hush, i was being HATED. SO, which one should i be? Tell me and help me. I'm trying hard to satisfiy both party. Instead of customer, it is boss and my team. Which one should i be? Ya Allah, please guide me.

In this Holy Ramadhan, i'm back to God Allah s.w.t. Pray that everything is just fine and back to normal plus I will be strong mentally and physically. Like mom and daddy always said " adik, ingat Tuhan! ingat TUhan. apa saja yg berlaku solat penting, ingat Allah. Balik kepada-Nya"

yes, Mom.

p/s: pic of my BFF at Feringgi Beach Resort, Penang. 2009.

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