Wednesday, August 17, 2011



tak semua comeback boleh kita buat seperti yang di harapkan. i admit it's been a long long time i didnt update this blog.Now, i am back to draft more what happen in the past where i dissappeared from the blog. yes, I admit I'm taking quite time to wrote it. Seriously.

A few things and conflict happen lately and I have no idea to handle it. Is it my mistake or just a coincidence? I am not sure. In the holy Ramadhan, i'm trying hard to think it positively and just accept with all my heart. I dont have time to quarrel and argue about. I've just no time for it. Lately, I am more accepting things rather than argue about it. But, it depends on issue. Ya Ya.. Fine. When somethings happen to me, the more I focusing of doing Ibadah and back to Allah s.w.t. Yes, Almighty Allah.

Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosa hambamu ini. Terimalah taubat ku ya Allah. Sesungguhnya hidup matiku ditanganmu ya Allah. Permudahkan lah segala urusan ku ya Allah. Lembutkan lah hati ku dan hati hamba mu ya Allah. Aku berdosa denganmu ya Allah. Ampunkanlah dosa hamba mu yg kerdil ini ya Allah. Engkau yang Maha Pengampun dan Maha Mengasihani..

p/s: I am just being Myself.

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