Monday, July 5, 2010

die sgt annoyed dgn pic ni after edit. hehe. but, i loike it!

i want that red tshirt boy NOW! ♥

midnight at bukit bintang.

happen on last saturday. after i'm not sure brape lame dah we both x jumpa, we've been missed each other damn much! ♥ the hugs and kisses! thanks datang KL! thanks teman.. thanks for everything. another 6 days aite? then, spent it for a weeks for plus so-called honeymoon. heheh :P

p/s: MC on Monday sbb rindu sgt ♥


ZoOLhEaLmE said...

saye pon xuti monday jugak .. hahaha

мyΞ'™ said...


:: arLynnE :: said... barukah?? lawa siot gmbr.