Wednesday, June 16, 2010

get well soon jaja & wawa

duduk dalam trolly bebaik taw

get well soon baby's!

tragedi malang berlaku. injured. TSk TSk

baby wawa yang cedera. sebab aunty die punye pasal. aunty die that is me! mama die tgh drive. on that friday, we all sume naik van as keta buat hal. so, mama drive and me handling both of the baby. But, accidentaly mama die emergency break and i do not what the hell happen to me and suddenly wawa da jatuh and bleeding badly kene besi in the van. Her scar is bentuk screw. Haih. on that time, my leg is grip jaja and wawa is already on my hand. Oh! lots of blood and i seriously cant stand when wawa cry like crazy. im touch n guilt bila die nangis and bila nk pujuk die, i also cry like crazy. im stupidly feel guilty!! Oh,after then went straight to clinic. thank god, tak kene jahit just gam and plaster. Oh, wawa.. mami sorry sgt! <-mami tu me la! :)

on friday nite, we totally dont have mood. lots of things happen! malam balik kmpung kt melaka, banyak brg tinggal. TSk. makan tak lalu. mine? nanges saje. sbb trauma! myself yg trauma since now!! (entry 16/6) after 5 days the incident left, wawa now is back to normal and active like it used to be! sbb mase pegi klinik, doc might suspect something effect with head and even bagi surat recommendation pegi HKL if she might vomit everyday. But, thank God. after observation and extra care she is OK and great. Alhamdulilah.

currently. baby jaja is having something weird skin disease. its start at the mouth then crawl on the face and now realise pagi tadi, da start kt badan die. TSk. aritu da pegi doc, doc suspect genetic and skin allergic. Tsk. jaja is very adorable and extra2 manje with mama, umi and mami. Tsk. die sakit mmg manje. pastu, die cough a little bit. Tsk. sgt risau. Ohhh!!!

get well soon : najiha and najwa.aunty zura love u much.

first timer on train : 1 years 7 month

smile on new Osh Kosh from US, pak ngah bagi :)

p/s: miss all happy moment with baby jaja & wawa.

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