Wednesday, May 5, 2010

king huat

kene kuat? fuh fuh.

lately ni rs mcm loser. seriously. life pretend like nothing happen. wutever i do, i do it wrong. dem gila. entah la kenape. last weekends, family came to KL. arrive on friday night with me not waiting at home. I was as Palace of Golden Horses ( thanks to Alin to make the right sequence. heh)if x, mulalah. golden palace hotel,.ngarut jadah. macam2. ok. apsal kt sane? nnti-lah cerita. on saturday, busy shopping at IKEA for my sister's wedding and Sunday, my fam is already pack things to go back JB. OMG. mmg x feel lgsung, family dtg. and that last day, i was soo homesick. i cry in front of daddy. malu seyh, tapi serious. x tahan. never done before. x tahan? nape eh. mybe aku tak kuat lagi as ppl keep saying i'm strong. i work everyday, pretend like nothing happen. need to menjawab dgn customer everyday, all my movement being watch by them every minutes. yes.everyday, i was pretend. thank God, i stil got my officemate at VAds, make me happy thru email. FB. call. Thanks Akey. :) hahah *gosip*

i need to be strong. i have to. dulu2 mase org ckp, kene strong.ingat senang aje. rupenye, sacrifice to be strong! like today, half day dah proof that i'm not strong. i really dun understand boss thing. i've meet mny types of boss, but i think this one is like a shit. seriously. not just me who feel this, everyone in the team keep talking the same issue. BOSS. everyday, i simpan dalam hati of what had boss torture me by mentally. He just simply said and ask, but do he understand of me who stay with customer and do 3 job at the same time. do he understand? just now, i just talk to the team. we call him as 'pak long' ( ok, jadi sessi mengumpat boss). biarlah.. how do i explain his behaviour? emm.. he's keep busy saving and improving his KPI, but he dun have effort to make the team successfull. what he always do is keep blaming and ask to do something which is suposedly his work, not us that for assistant manager. dem la. trust me. i would give 1k who able to make this 'pak long' is different person and behaviour. hurm.
so, for the short term step. I need to be strong, which i always bear in mind everyday.
p/s: kuat.chayok!

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:: arLynnE :: said...

palace of the golden horses ok?
hahaha ;)