Wednesday, May 19, 2010

feel like dying

badan.tangan.kaki.sume ketar.otak dah tatau nk pk ape.i really need someone here. to help me out. stay beside me, hold me and tell that "everything will be ok dear".keep thinking, where is 'someone'?

nowadays, there's strangers..repeat back 'strangers' that take cre of me. the strangers that always keep me company for evrything. thanks to the strangers, i appreciate that. eventhough my heart kinds relieved, but i really dont want it from strangers.i really want it from 'someone'. oh, 'someone'. where are you? when the time i really need u, u busy to play futsal with ur friends. Dont you have instinct that something wrong is happening to me? or you just not my destiny. is it true? im blank. are you meant well when you say u love me? hmm.

im having a bad condition right now. i think i've problem with my lungs and heart as lately i'm having difficulty to breathe properly. i feel like dying.seriously. i'm having asthma for 5 times in a week and only for this month, its been like 10 times to feel like dying in a sleep. OH. please. i think that i dun have much time. i taking pills overdose every attacks. now, im out of stocks. Oh, God. please help me. keep me strong. my colleagues advice me to blood check, lungs and heart in hospital. but... who will volunteer taking me to hospital. my aunt n cousins will keep asking and i dun want they to know. Also to my parents and family, i dun want they to know about this. i rather to keep it to myself.

p/s: trying hard to live like i'm dying.

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