Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, my january.

lame gile tak update blog.

hati bukan dah xnak update tapi kemalasan akibat kepenatan melanda setiap hari.

january almost over.yes,today last day of january.LOL.

past january,i'm full with activites. spent 3 weeks at Marang, Terengganu is the most memorable event! T'ganu for induction program for al staff. compulsory!! :)

its luck.rezeki.Alhamdulilah.dulu training kt sini, then after a few stages( interview & etc) last i'm not training now.i'm working. bile da start working, rs mcm back to school. masuk kje on time, buat keje.balik on time.but, its kinda new experience to me in new division. as old division is more flexible, kali ni division is more strict.haih. boss slalu ckp,
"there's nothing impossible.if anyone else can do it, you also can do it! everything is possible."
boss is totally positive thinking, eventho he's totaly weird boss from other's manager but he's kinda make me learn to be discipline in work. *poyo*

ok.enough with it.just been in new div for 1 weeks.can't wait of will happen in future.

3 weeks in TMTC Marang, T'ganu.

at first rs mcm tak nak pegi langsung.seriously. asek bebel je, nape la kne pegi induction. ishk.ishk. mase tu, bersusah payah kene pegi sndrik TMTC, KL. no family accompany. first time kne independent. then, travel in baju kurung straight to T'ganu with bus. never done before. mcm pelik sgt.sampai2 sane lagi la pelik.1st time dtg Terengganu. here's...

tipikal pegi kursus.

mase opening ceremony kt TMTC, KL.

sampai sudey :)

kejakunan melihat sinki kt dlm bilik.x smpai ok? kene panjat. dem

awal-awal kene ice-braking.mcm biase la.

ice-braking lagi

life mcm kt lecture hall. dgr lecture psl company n etc.

my place :)

kene pegi exchange.lawatan sambil belajar. LOL

but, this is the best part....

friends :)

camwhore!:) *with rose*

camwhore *with murni*

with ain nadzlissa *love*

camwhore with so-called aizat!

ice-cream goreng almost every evening.

masjid kristal!


melantak keropok! **

gala dinner

the girls

my group

my love

HSBB 01/2010

all this 3 weeks is the ppl there, there's no boundary.age.status eiher single or married.even yg da beranak pinak also yg just get married.everyone is very sporting and very commited. the so-called scandal (u know who u are..).secret admire (mcm budak2). the lepaking till midnight.evening walk to beach.round compound. everything is soooo great.roomate yg best (sorry babe, i xde pix with we r different group kan..). my lovely friends. OHh, i miss all the moment of togetherness! seriously..

ok.enough.nk emosi plak.ishk. everything in january is best and full of activities! tak sure bile lagi nk experience mcm ni lagi. Thnx to everyone that make my life is just beautiful and wonderful. :) more we far away from each other, the more i miss you.proof ni. heheh 143 :)

p/s: mari menggoreng keropok! LOL


~CinDerella~ said...

wow..bestnye da keje..congrate mye!!=) kn negeri aku?hihi

мyΞ'™ said...

syida..laju je kau..
aku kt gak ah..hahahha..

мyΞ'™ said...

syida..laju je kau..
aku kt gak ah..hahahha..

apek said...

abes la songkok tinggi..kakakkaa